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The Perfect Couple!

The amount of times we’ve heard “you guys are such a perfect couple!!” 🤪😬 * psych*

The internet provides so many amazing tools, and has made things that were once impossible totally possible for us. We can see and hear our family from across the world. 🌎 Thats amazing! We can document our life, and journal our experiences on this app. We can share chapters of life with our friends in different states and countries. It’s a gift!!

The internet can also become a place that people share only their highs, never their lows, and leave others comparing their shadows to the highlights others are posting!

We’ve walked through some shadows this week. It’s not always bright and perfect. As much as we strive to be the best we can be for ourselves, for each other, and for God, we are human. We need Grace daily. Here is just a little reminder to show yourself grace when you make a mistake, and show others that same grace when they make a mistake. Some days can be ugly, but choosing each other over and over again is what builds a beautiful life. 🤗

Forever learning we are ONE unit now, and choosing each other IS choosing what’s best for ourselves. We are one. Walking together makes it a lot easier. 🤍

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