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Live Your Kind




Birth & Newborn

As you prepare to meet your little miracle, your whole being is focused on the task ahead of bringing a life into this world. In your most trusting moments, where vulnerable and powerful come together and bring new life earth side, you can trust it will all be captured for you to see and cherish for years to come.
Birth photography can't be planned. It is raw. It is real. It is powerful. It is you.

Business Analytics

Planning to Execution

Business Major with technology studies in Petroleum Chemistry, offering a large background in analytical science applied in the growth and development of any business setting.
Leadership; Outreach Facilitator to targeted audience; Admin Boost; Creative Critical Thinking. Budgeting.


Latest Impacts

Professional Photographer

Offering Photography, Interior Design, Environmental/Event Setting, Painting, and Digital Art for over 10 years for businesses and families to boost desired common and personal goals.

Youth and College Educator

From Kindergarten to College Tutoring, Career Path and International Education Mentorship, Homeschooling and Child Care.
We've done it all!


Character Over Title. Always.



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